Bing rolls out New Look for Image Search with Cool New Features

In the last month Bing updated it's site look to new design. The new Bing have a brand new information architecture with a three column design that focuses on bringing you information from the web to help you take action and interact with friends and experts without compromising the core search experience.

Now Bing rolling out that the same new look for it's image search including some cool features like Bigger thumbnail, Magnifying glass, Search suggestions, Filter bar, Related topics etc..

Bigger Thumbnails:
Bing provides large thumbnails for search result page in this updated design. So say goodbye to small thumbnails. 

Magnifying Glass: 
When you hover your mouse cursor on image you can see blown up preview of that image. You can hold your cursor on any image and see its size, title, and where it comes from.

Filter bar:
In this new image search you can see the advanced search options along the top of result page. By this Filter bar you can find filters for searching by size, color, type, layout, and faces. 

Search Suggestions:
If you search anything in this new image search Bing provides better search suggestions belongs with your keyword. For example if you search Mahendra Sing Dhoni on new Bing image search, you can view below search suggestions on your result page.

Related Topics:
The another cool feature from this new update is Related Topics. If you search anything can find related search options right side of your result page. For example if you search Barack Obama on image search the related topics will be like below

Bing also adds popular trending searches feature to the results page, where you can discover what other Bing users are looking for. That way, you’re always on top of the biggest trends announced in their official blog.

According to me the UI and features are amazing!! what is your opinion tell me in comments..

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