Agastya Free App to Remote Control your Android Phone Using SMS

Agastya the new android app released for control your android phone and tablet through SMS with out internet connection. You can access & retrieve a lot of data like Contact details, Call logs, IMEI number from your mobile phone even if you don’t have it with you.

This free app helps lot for android users. for Examples

1) You reach your office and realise you have forgotten your phone at your home. Need to urgently call a client whose phone number you don’t remember

Not a problem, with Agastya on your phone- you can easily access and retrieve the address book of your phone remotely by sending a simple sms command to your phone number  from your colleagues/friends any model cell even Nokia 1100. Agastya app will take the effort to find your client’s number and SMS it back to you on your colleague’s number.

2) You are in a office and have misplaced your phone somewhere nearby. Can’t find it by even by calling on your number as your phone is on silent mode

Frustrated, not anymore, with Agastya you can now remotely turn my phone on RINGER by sending an sms command from friends phone. Easily find your phone and be happy! Similarly you can even turn your phone on SILENT mode.

and also you can easily get details of the last 5 calls and last 5 sms’s received on your mobile phone with out have it.

SMS Commands:

SILENT – Turn off the phone’s ringer
RINGER – Turn on the ringer
IMEI – Get the IMEI number* of your phone
LAST MESSAGES – Retrieve the last 5 text messages received on your phone
LAST CALLS – Know the last 5 missed/received/dialed numbers
Fetch the contact number of a person from the address book.

Google Play Store - Agastya

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