The Trend Of E-Reading [INFOGRAPHIC]

E-reading has taken America by storm, with more and more people preferring their Kindles to any other medium. Here is the infographic tells The trend of E-Reading

Some Interesting Facts:

  • 21% of Americans have read an e-book in the past year.
  • Every e-book reader reads Average 24 e-books in the period of 12 months.
  • Kindle fire is top in the best e-book readers device. 3,438 kindle devices sales every day.
  • 61% of e-book readers interested to paid for books. It is 13% higher than non e-book readers which is 48%.
  • The Kindle Fire may rule among e-readers, but in the world of tablet market share the iPad is still #1 .

Infographic Designed by infographic labs

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