Keyboard Shortcut keys for Google Drive

Keyboard shortcut keys help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. Here is the complete list of keyboard shortcut cut keys for Google Drive to get better experience.


Shortcut KeysAction
jNavigate to and highlight next item in list
kNavigate to and highlight previous item in list
xSelect/unselect the highlighted item
Select next item in list
Shift + ⇓Select next item in list while leaving the current selection selected
Select previous item in list
Shift + ⇑Select previous item in list while leaving the current selection selected
Shift + aSelect all
Shift + nSelect none

Create new

Shortcut KeysAction
Shift + tCreate a new text document
Shift + pCreate a new presentation
Shift + sCreate a new spreadsheet
Shift + dCreate a new drawing
Shift + cCreate a new collection

Go to

Shortcut KeysAction
g then nAccess navigation panel
g then lAccess list of documents
g then cAccess collections
g then dAccess details pane


Shortcut KeysAction
cShow the create new menu, use arrow keys to select an item to create
uShow upload menu
aShow actions menu
rShow sort menu
vShow view menu


Shortcut KeysAction
o or EnterOpen item


Shortcut KeysAction
/Go to search box
dShow/hide details pane
? or Ctrl + /Access shortcuts help menu

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