How to Show PDF, DOC, XLS files on Blogger Post using Google Drive

Most of bloggers using Google's free blogger platform. Even though it has more features you cannot upload pdf, doc, xls files directly on blogger. So before we used third party websites to embed these files. But now you no need to go to thirt party websites you can embed documents, spreadsheets, PDF files using Google Drive. Google is a Google's recent released cloud storage service it has more useful features . Here below the tutorial to how to embed doc,xls,pdf files on Google Drive.

  • Open and login to your account then click the upload button and choose your files need to embed.
  • After upload completed click on the uploaded file link. It opens in new tab

  • Then go to File - Embed (this PDF file) in menu bar. 

  • After you hit the Embed option the embed coding will shows just copy that coding and paste it on Edit HTML mode in blogger post editor section. 

  • Then as usual hit the publish Post button your embed files shows in blog posts.
I think this is the very easy way to show these type of files on blogger posts. If you have other ideas please share it on comment section.

Hi Readers! Google Drive has changed its layout, so it is hard to find Google Drive menu bar like above steps. If you are having difficulties to find Google Drive menu? Simply click on the Open button, which is available in bottom right corner of the page. Now your file will open in Google Drive viewer, there you can find Drive menu bar.