How to Delete Yahoo Account Permanently

Yahoo mail is the very popular service from Yahoo!!. Do you want to delete your exiting Yahoo! ID? Do you have some unused Yahoo! IDs which you no longer use and want to get rid of them? Do you get lots of spam mails in your Yahoo! account and want to delete it permanently?

Many people's having these problems and want to completely remove their Yahoo! IDs for obvious reasons. If you are one of those, please follow the below steps to delete your yahoo account permanently.

How to:

  • To delete your yahoo account permanently go to this link and login with your yahoo ID. 
  • Then it asks your confirmation like below image. Give your password again and type the verification words correctly. 

Finally hit the Terminate this Account button that's all. Yahoo team deactivate your yahoo account temporarily. After you deactivate your account yahoo team keeps your infomations upto 90 days with in these days you can Re activate your account again.

After 90 days your account informations will be deleted permanently from yahoo. So you loose your account all yahoo services like Address Book, Mail, Yahoo profiles etc..

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