Create a Browser Extension for your blog and website just in 2 minutes

Extension factory is a free online tool to create a browser extension for your blogs and website. It turns any website with RSS feeds into browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox (soon). Other engaging features will keep the user in touch with you, Your user's can get live notifications whenever you post a new one.

It works on Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome 5+, Safari 5+ and Mozilla Firefox 3+ browser versions and Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and various Linux distributions.

It will engage your audience and improve users's loyalty, by offering them real-time content notifications. It creates a unique communication tool that differenciates you. It will grow your traffic by creating new content channels.

How to create a Extension:

  • Go to this link and Enter your website URL in specific column
  • Then click on "Create your extension" button. If the extension was successfully generated, click on "Test the extension" button to install the extension in your browser.

When you have successfully generated and tested your extension, copy the HTML embed code provided in the results page, and paste it on your website, where you want the installation button to appear.

Now it is in beta stage some new features will be added very soon. 

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