Apple by the Numbers [Infographic]

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, due to the popularity of the iPad, iPhone and Macbook.  Sales of the iPad and iPhone make up 75% of Apples revenue, and apple has a very impressive profit margin. Apple has generated $11.6 billion profit in Q1, it is higher than Google's total revenue.

Some Intresting facts from this Infographic:

  • Apple earned $142 Billion total revenues over the last year it is equal to GDP of New Zealand.
  • Apple has $110.2 Billion in cash. They could buy RIM($13.59 b), Nokia($56.85 b), Twitter($8 b), Adobe($16 b), Netflix($4.6 b) and T-Mobile($39 b).
  • iPhone is available in 100 countries and on 230 wireless carriers.
  • 6000,000 apps on the App store and it gets 25+ billion downloads.
  • One in five Chinese want a Mac. 

Here below the infographic to tells more about Apple by the Numbers

Apple infographic
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