Turn your Facbook Timeline into a Pinterest Board using Pinview [How to]

Seeing anything more than few days will be bored the nature of human beings. If you have bored to see your facebook page in timeline layout? No problem you can view your facebook timeline layout into a Pinterest board.

Pinview is the facebook app helps to displays items from your News Feed, Timeline, friends list and multimedia pages as small panels, just like social bookmarking site Pinterest showcases images on Pinboards.

How to:

  • Just go to Pinview facebook app and click the Pinview button on that page.

  • After you clicked on pinview button facebook apps ask your permission like below images. Give the permissions to this App

  • After you gave the permission the page redirects to pinviewer page and you can view your wall, friends, pictures everthing like a pinterest board. 
Do you like pinview please share your opinions on comments.


  1. It doesn't look like you can scroll very far in your feed - also when you click on a post or image, it doesn't take me to the original post (larger version) - do others have this experience?

  2. Thought it would be better than timeline, it will be, but right now, the pop up for comments and share isnt working, at least for me, it keeps flashing to grey and the normal, it doesn't post for me either, also, when it pops up, it pops up at the very top of the page, thought nothing was happening, found it when I scrolled back up to find my settings so I can go back to timeline view, which I can't find. Needs a scroll to top button. Now back to figuring out how to find my settings/account. Will use it once it's more stable.

  3. Is there somewhere to delete messages or hide them as there is in the normal Timeline? I like the view layoutbut need to be able to get rid of items. Or do I just do that in my ordinary view?
    I am a little confused, I thought this was to change your Timeline view but it seems it is actually my News Feed being displayed in grid view. And it doesn't have times on the post which I would like to be able to see.
    I discovered that if I just click on Home I go back to my normal Timeline view and the app view is gone, to get it back I had to go back to the start.

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  5. It would be nice if the view stayed resident but to have to go to the Pinview app every time just to use it is a bother.