Track all your sent emails in Gmail [Right Inbox]

Right inbox is a popular extension for schedule your emails in Gmail. You can set a future send date for your emails in Gmail. Right Inbox will automatically send your emails specified time without any failure. Now Right inbox team inculuded new feature is "Email Tracking" functionality to Right Inbox.  With this feature you will be able to track your emails to know when the recipient opens it.

Track emails gmail

How to Use:

  • It is very simple to use. When you go to your Compose screen you will notice an additional button labeled as Track! 
  • You may use that checkbox button before you send an email. 
  • When the recipient opens your email, you will be notified by another email instantly. 
  • You can check out this demo video.

You might need to refresh your Gmail page in order to put the changes into effect.

Download Links

Right inbox for Chrome  Download 
Right inbox for Firefox 3.6+  Download 


  1. What maybe useful is Attachmetric for Gmail.

    It allows you to track if email attachments and web-links are opened in your emails.

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  2. What you may want to look at is Attachmetric for Gmail.

    It tracks who has opened your attachments and web-links in Gmail.

    Have a look at