Know your Gmail Statistics using Gmail Meter

Majority of internet users using Gmail for free mail service. A Developer Programs Engineer on the Gmail team, Saurabh Gupta, has posted a note about a little Google Apps script called “Gmail Meter” to know your Gmail statistics.

Gmail Meter is an Apps Script which is sending on the first day of every month to you an email containing different statistics about your Gamil Inbox. Gmail Meter gives you different types of statistics like volume statistics, Daily Traffic, Traffic pattern, Email Categories that will help you analyze your Gmail habits.

First, go to Google Docs and open a Spreadsheet. Click on Tools > Script Gallery. Search for “Gmail Meter” and click Install. You will now see a new menu item called Gmail Meter on your spreadsheet. Click on Gmail Meter > Get a Report. You can then choose the type of report. Preparing a report may take some time and you will get an email once the report is ready.

I think Google is going to launch this feature into Gmail without installing any scripts. What you think?

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