Apr19 Today is the last day for Pinik, Download your Photos Soon

Picnik is a famous online tool to edit photos add effects to your photos easily without knowing any photo editing skill. Picnik previously announced that it will be closing on April 19, 2012 and moving their tools to Google+. Today is last day for Picnik so download all your photos from picnik.

Picnik created Picnik Takeout for you to download your images files in tidy, zipped folders which can then be downloaded to any computer. Once you receive the zip file, simply click it from the email or the Takeout page and it will download to your computer. Please be sure to unzip your files before Picnik closes.

Once Picnik is officially closed, your list of files on Picnik Takeout will no longer be available. Be sure to download your zip files before April 19, 2012.

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