Add Reply and Reply to Author features to Google+ [Chrome]

Google+ is a fastest growing social network site it's owned by Google. Today we see how to Add reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments section and a number of other enhancements. You can directly reply to shared post author and commentator on Google+ after you installed this extension in your chrome browser.

This Extension adds below extra functionality to Google+

  • Reply and Reply to Author links for easy +mentions of other users
  • Badges the favicon with a number when you have new messages
  • Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter submit a comment or po
  • "M" key mutes a post
  • Adds a dropdown next to share with additional sharing options (Twitter/Facebook/Email)
  • "originally shared by" linked to original post
  • Chime on new notifications
  • Desktop notifications when you have new messages

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