Lock your android phone with your Finger Print

FingerPrint Lock is a free android app to lock your android phone with your Finger print. Just open this app  and Touch the sensor area of the fingerprint scanner on screen with your fingers and raise the lock of your mobile phone. Your friends will be amazed, because the app rejects their fingerprints like a real fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint Lock has a modern design that reacts with either haptic, as well as acoustic feedback and the best, it’s free! Featurerequests und bugreports are handled with high priority…

The screen of your Android smartphones can not read your fingerprints, it simply responds to the touch. The trick is that you can change with a simple click on the title of the app (fingerprint lock) between "allow access" and "deny". This naturally dos’t know your friends and so the will think you've built a real biometric fingerprint reader in the touch screen of your mobile.

Download link - Fingerprint Lock

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