How to Sign up (or) Enable Account Activity feature on Google [New Feature]

Google now launched a new opt-in feature called Account Activity, by that way you can view your detailed monthly report how to spend your time in Google Products. If you enable each month Account Activity feature Google send you a monthly report to your email when is new report available.

The Account Activity report provide information such as sign in locations, browsers you used, OS, mails you sent and received and web history.

How Enable:

  • Go to Google Plus ==> Account Settings ==> Products ==> Go to Account Activity (or) go to  this link
  • Account Activity page opens check your time zone and click the Opt in button. 

  • Your submission sent with in a minute you will receive your monthly account activity report in your email.Please check your inbox to view (or)  go to Google Plus ==> Account Settings ==> Products ==> Go to Account Activity.

You will receive a email every month automatically when your report is available. Incase if you turned off your web history you cannot view about your searches report.

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