How to change your User name(URL) on Pinterest

User names are very important to Social network sites.  Pinterest is a very popular photo sharing site in world wide. If you created a wrong user name or with spelling mistake you can again change your user name on Pinterest. There is no limit for user name changes like facebook. You can change your user name how many times you like.

Do you want to change your User Name on Pinterest? If yes please follow the below steps.

How to
  • Login to Pinterest Account
  • Click the Arrow icon top right of your window and select Settings

  • Settings page will open then scroll your window to User name column then change your user name.
  • You can change your user name but it will be available
  • Your user name should be 3 to 15 character only letters and numbers accepted not special character.

  • Finnally click the Save Profile button your user name will be changed.
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