Google's +1 button updated to new look, How get old +1 button back [Chrome]

Google Plus is a social site is growing rapidly worldwide. I think nowadays Google likes red color very much. You can see this effect from Google Services like Gmail and Youtube. On this way now Google updates +1 button looks from blue to red. Everyone's having different taste in world. Some one may like this new look at the same time some one's mayn't like this new look. So if you don't like this new +1 button look you can get old +1 button look back. Here is the tutorial how it is

How-to :
  • You just go to this link to Download Script.
  • Chrome asks permission to install this Script your computer just click the Install button 
  • After you installed this Script just refresh your Google Plus page.
That's all google +1 button gets old looks from red to blue. 

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