Google+ now available in 60 languages including 8 Indian languages

Google Plus is fastly growing social network site owned by Google. You can share your thoughts and experience with your friends easily using Google Plus. Google plus is user friendly website it has more features. Language is very important to understand meanings, in previous Google plus was available in 44 languages around the world and now it is available in 60 languages including eight Indian languages(Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu).  Even more people around the world can use Google+ in their native tongues.

Now it’s easy to start a Hangout in Zulu [Qala i-hangout], share your favorite photos in Tamil [படத்தைப் பகிரவும்], or post about your weekend in Urdu [اس اشاعت کا اشتراک کریں].

How to change Google+ Language:
  • If you want to change your Google+ language first go to this link
  • Then click the language column and select your native language. 
  • These changes will effect after you re-open your plus account.

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