Google launches Google Drive in April with 5GB Free Space? [Leaked Screenshot]

Google's rumored cloud service is will be available from a mid-April release, with 5GB of free storage space for every user, according to leaked screen shots obtained by Google Drive will be launched with 5 GB free storage on sign-up and those who require more storage will have to pay for it. As of now, there are no details on the features this service will offer. From the leaked screenshots, we can infer that its web interface will resemble the current Gmail web interface.

The Screen shot page shows ‘Download Google Drive’ button, which means Google Drive will have a local client for desktop; maybe an app for Android mobile. Google mentions that the drive will be available on The URL currently shows Error 404; but we know for sure that the service will be available through that URL once it’s publicly launched.

Now Google only knows the rumors will be Real (or) Fake? But I can say strongly if Google gives 5GB of free cloud space with in short period Google Drive will be the No.1 in the Cloud storage services. What is your opinion share with me?

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