[Freeware] Fix 100+ Windows7 errors and problems easily with 7Quick Fix2.0

7 Quick Fix 2.0 a click and fix utility that can fix 108 common Windows 7 errors, problems and tweaks. There are a lot of excellent Windows comprehensive repairing and fixing tools around the internet. But there are times when you want just one quick fix for example when you are under a virus attack and you just want to enable the Task Manager or the Registry Editor so you can fight the virus back, or when some new installation changed your Windows 7 behavior and you want to restore it. This is the right time to draw 7 Quick Fix with 108 common Windows 7 fixes, only 1.1MB, portable, small and fast, a must have on every computer or USB drive.

Main Features:
  • 108 fixes with single Application
  • Only 1.1MB
  • Portable, can run from a USB drive or stick
  • Each fix is applied with a single mouse click
  • Auto saving the changed settings for a quick rollback
  • On screen information for every fix
  • Fixes are divided into 6 categories (Enable / Disable, Restore missing stuff, Performance, Errors and Crashes, Tweaks, Files Association)
  • No scanning or other resource consuming process, just execute and click.
Download - 7Quick Fix2.0

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