The Fastest web browser for 64-bit computers Waterfox11.0 [Download Link Inside]

Waterfox is a high performance browser based on the Mozilla Firefox source code. Made specifically for 64-Bit systems, Waterfox has one thing in mind: speed. The Firefox source code is taken and compiled to run specifically for 64-Bit Windows computers. To make Waterfox stand out a bit more, it’s compiled with optimizations so that it will run more efficiently and faster than just compiling Firefox as a 64-Bit program.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 7 x64
  • Microsoft Windows Vista x64

What's New in Waterfox 11.0
  • Switched from the ACML to AMD LibM.
  • Compiled with the following flags: -Og -Oi- -Ot -Oy -Ob2 -Gs -GF -Gy -GS- -GA -w
Download - Waterfor11.0

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