Dropbox rising leader of Cloud Stroage [Infographic]

Users can store any files instantly in the Dropbox  that can access that files from any where and any device. And also you can share with that files to your friends easily. MIT graduate Drew Houston co-founded Dropbox back in 2006. He knew there must be a faster, more convenient and safer way of not just storing data but also sharing it. Today Dropbox is one of the hottest tech start-ups around and is going from strength to strength so much that tech giants such as IBM and Google are playing catch up.

Some Interestng Facts

  • In 2006 only 2 employees in Dropbox, now 2012 the employees are around 200.
  • Untill 2011 Dropbox gets 50 million users.
  • Only 4% of Dropbox users upgrade to pay packages balance 96% users using free. 
  • The Dropbox have been built in to 18 operating systems, 4 browsers, and 3 mobile software systems.
  • 68 accounts exposed in june 2011.
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