[Cheapest Tablets] ATab vs BSNL vs Akash which is best?

First in India Datawind released cheapest tablet that is Aakash. Which is very low cost tablets so datawind gets lacks and lacks pre-orders but still now no one get the tablet pre-bookers waiting for a call from datawind. Recently BSNL and ATab announces to introduce another cheapest tablets to India. Now every one having doubts in their mind which tablets is best between Atab vs BSNL vs Akash.

Here is the comparison table between ATab, BSNL and Akash to explain the features.

Specfication ATab BSNL-IS701R AKASH-Ubislate7
Processor 1.1 GHz 1 GHz Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz
OS  Android Android2.3 Android2.3
Price Rs.5000 Rs.3250 Rs.2999
RAM 512MB 256MB 256MB
Battery 3200mAH 3000mAH 3200mAH
Screen 7" TFT 7" 7" 
Expandable 16GB 32GB 32GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi GPRS (or) Wi-Fi GPRS (or) Wi-Fi
USB Ports 1 1 2
Voice calling No No Yes

According to me Atab is best because it has good Processor(1.1GHZ) and RAM(512MB) but Atab targets only 10,000 tablets to sale in India in this year. 10,000 is not enough highly populated country like India. So you may buy BSNL IS701R tablet which is having 1GHz Processor and 256MB RAM and cost also very low.

Tell me in comments what is your opinion about this cheapest tablets. 


  1. Aakash tablet features 726 mhz processor but from cortex a8 which is far better than that arm11 processor of bsnl so 726 mhz in cortex a8 processor would mean 1500 to 1600 mhz in arm11 processor that is quite a gap of 500 mhz between those two processors. So in comparison between these two tabs aakash tablet is definately a better option. But the only reason i am not going to buy aakash tablet is because of its delay delivery. Its delivery process is as slow as it even takes 3 months to reach you sometimes. So i would prefer to buy a bsnl IS701R.

  2. Sir, does bsnl penta is701r support gprs connectivity at 98/- pm?