Charge your Android phone with Solar charger Android App [No power, No charger]

Electricity shortage is the biggest problem in throughout the world. Without electrical power we cannot do anything in this modern world. Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Now you can charge your android phones using Solar Charger Android app. So no need charger and electricity to charge your phone. Charge your phone with the power of the sun! Start this application, put your phone in a well lit place and watch your battery charge using the solar panel.

  • Detects the amount of light
  • 3 different solar panels
  • Vibrates when charging starts
  • You can prevent the device from going to sleep mode
  • Nice charging animation
  • It's free.
Note: Do not let your device overheat! Be careful when you put your device under the direct sunlight.

Download - Solar Chareger


  1. oh God,this is purely a charge,instead it drains the battery

  2. U r right.What do they think of cell phone users? Dumb guys? There shud b a light sensor or something like that to go along with this "free" application(big deal!!!).Poora battery charge pi lia. Can u think of a nice 4 letter greeting for this Pranky application?