Aakash 2 cheapest tablet will be available on April 2012 with same price tag

Past year Aakash released it's first version of Aakash tablet which is very slow and battery problem etc. Aakash received more complaints from users for it's first version. So Aakash decided to release a new version of Aakash tablet with 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor and 3200mAH battery with 3 hour battery backup in Aakash 2(UBISLATE 7).

Good news for all who is waiting for Aakash2 cheapest tables will be available on April 2012. Another good news there is no any hike price so it is available with same price tag which is Rs. 2500. Human Resources Development (HRD) Minister, Kapil Sibal confirmed this news During Lok Sabha’s Question Hour.

The first stage of 100,000 tablets was aimed for higher technical educational institutions’ students hence to add more technical feedback on usability and operation of the tablet, and once the tablets production capacities are developed, standards for supply with a plan to prioritise students’ empowerment, particularly from marginalised and disadvantaged parts of the society, via this low-cost tablet would be developed.

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