Check your Password is secure or Not with Microsoft tool

Passwords are very important to protect your secret information in Internet life. If your password is not a strong your information may steal by hackers and also they can delete your online account too. So every one needs Strong and Secure password to protect their online account. A good password is usually an alpha-numerical combination along with a mix of special characters. Ideally this will help create a password that cannot be easily broken or guessed. Here is online tool from Microsoft to check your password strength.

How to Check
  • Just click this link and enter your password in in the box
  • After you entered your password the result shows below

  • If your result shows the result as Strong or Best, your password is good. If result comes Weak or Medium it is better to change this password to protect your online information from hackers.
My personal advice to our readers try to put unique password to each account. If you use same password to all services if some knows  your password he can hack all services. 

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