Use Facebook in any mobile without Internet and GPRS connections

Facebook By Fonetwish is an USSD based interactive service which brings the power of internet to every mobile phone. Fonetwish provides access to facebook from any mobile phone without the requirement of any data(internet) connection. Just dial *325# from your mobile phone and get started, fonetwish provides all the major features of facebook like status update, wall post, friend requests, notifications along with the above fonetwish provides push notifications an innovative new feature by which your facebook notifications are pushed into your mobile handset automatically as and when they are generated.

So, the next time when you want to update your status or post on a friends'wall no need to worry about overpriced SMS's or a Data Connection. Just dial *325# from your mobile phone and get started.

Updating your status is completely free, but using other features, such as posting on a wall, checking notifications, and adding friends is not free. Facebook by Fonetwish is a subscription service that charges Rs. 1/ day for unlimited usage.

See the below video to know how it works.

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