Download Opera 11.6 Final latest version

Opera is very fastest web browser.Opera web browser's many features make it a faster browser and give you the best Internet browsing experience. Opera now releases latest version 11.60 in new version it has some new features.
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New Features:
  • Revamped address field - The address field has been revamped with new search suggestions, and you can also find your favorite websites faster in the results list. To add pages to your bookmarks or Speed Dial instantly, just press the star in the address field.
  • New browser engine - Opera 11.60 offers significant improvements to the browser engine, providing a faster and more stable Internet experience. Enjoy improved website compatibility, faster page loading, and a higher level of overall stability when browsing.
  • New mail design - The Opera browser's built-in mail client allows you to manage your messages automatically. In Opera 11.60, we've introduced a number of improvements, including a cleaner layout, message grouping, a more intuitive view in your inbox and easier navigation.
Download Link- Opera 11.6 final

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