Download Firefox11.0 aurora latest version

Firefox is a web browser which third largely using browser around the world. It has more features and better browsing speed. Now firefox releases it's new latest version firefox11.0 in aurora mode.

New feature in updated version
  • Firefox can now migrate your bookmarks, history, and cookies from Google Chrome
  • The CSS text-size-adjust property is now supported 
  • Windows: An OS security dialog should no longer come up when updating 
  • View source syntax highlighting now uses the HTML5 parser 
  • The outerHTML property is now supported on HTML elements 
  • The Style Editor for CSS editing is now available to web developers 
  • Web developers can now visualize a web page in 3D using Tilt 
  • SPDY protocol support for faster page loads is now testable 
  • XMLHttpRequest now supports 
  • HTML parsing Files can now be stored in IndexedDB 
  • Redesigned media controls for HTML5 video

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