Keyboard Shortcut keys to control tabs on browsers

We cant say that always mouse is working properly. Some times, it may make some hanging problem when we work urgently. So that we may in the suituation of using keyboard keys fully upto our work get complete as well as mouse get ready. Here some short cut keys to use the browsers like Google Chrome.

Here gmail is the 1st tab, free sms is the 2nd tab, tech shortly is the 3rd tab, vandhemadharam is the 4th tab and so on..

  • Consider that you wanna enter into 1st tab of gmail but at presently you are in the 4th tab of vandhemadharam 
                    Use ctrl + 1 for gmail
                    Use ctrl + 2 for free sms
                    Use ctrl + 3 for tech shortly         

  • Similarly if we opened many tabs also using ctrl + correspondent tab number can move quickly which tab we want.
  • Suppose if you wish to move to the next next correspondent tabs means,
                     Use ctrl + tab
           we can move to the next tab sequencly.
  • If you want to open new tab
                    Use ctrl + t
  • If you want to close the opened tab
                     Use ctrl + w
  • If you want to bookmark all opened tabs
                     Use ctrl + shift + d
  •  If you want to open a new window itself means
                     Use ctrl + n         

As we known already, the tab key is using to move to the next part of the page. That's all now we all can use our page using keyboard itself. Then say GOOD BYE to the repaired mouse.

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