How to add Facebook subscribe button to your blog or website

Facebook releases subscribe button to blog and websites. this is like twitter follow button. As per this subscribe feature any one can follow your updates in facebook with out friendship with you. Subscribers can see only the things you share in Public. They can also choose how many and what types of these public updates they get. Below the tutorial to how to add facebook subscribe button to your blog or website.

  • Go to this Developer page link and give your profile URL in given column.
  • Then select your layout style which is your button will be in your site. There are three types of buttons available standard, button_count, box_count select anyone from this.
  • Then select button color light or dark which is suitable to your site background color.
  •  After selecting font and width finally hit the GET CODE button.
  • Your Subscribe button coding ready for you simply copy and add to in your website.
That's your the subscribe button will be shown in your website and readers can easily subscribe you and read your updates with out having friendship.

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