How to Add a Blogger Poll feature into Post

There is lot of facilities in blogger. Blogger Poll is the one of the facility in to it. Using it, We can ask the members to poll their vote about our suggestion those who getting in to the sites. But we can use this into the blogger sidebar only. We cant join directly to the blogger site. Here before for the facility of poll we excepts others sites. After became the member into it, then only can add widget into the blogger. Now we can get the blogger poll into our site using just a trick.

  • As usual add the poll widget into the side bar of the blogger. For unknown ( go to Design ==> Add a Gadget ==> Poll) to create a widget.
  • After create Poll widget. Go to Source Code(Ctrl + u)  by opening the blog.
  • Search the URL as shown below by giving ctrl + f
  • You will get the coding as shown below. By giving this URL and search.
<iframe allowtransparency='true' frameborder='0' height='180' name='poll-widget8885647326220510158' src='' style='border:none; width:100%;'></iframe>
Go to the New post of the blogger, after founded this coding. Paste the copied coding into the part of Edit HTML. Now we can see the added widget into our poll widget, after enter into the compose part.

Thats all!! the blogger poll widget added into your blogger post.

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