Google added some google plus features to Gmail

Now a days google gives more importance to Google Plus social site. Google try to imporve plus by using thier other sites like youtube, gmail and etc. In that way now google added some google plus features to gmail. By this new feature you can add some one into your circle from gmail and you can see the google plus circles friends as gmail label. Here the below we will see about this new feature deeply.
Hto add new friends to your circle in gmail:
Now if you open any email in your gmail inbox and if the sender using google plus site you can see the new button like Add to Circles on right side the gmail window. Simply if you click that option you can add that person to your google plus circle. And also you can see their latest post on google plus.

Google Plus Circle in Gmail:
See the label area in your gmail you can see the Circles option. If you can't click more and select circle to show. If you click this circle link your inbox will filter and show all emails sent by google plus users in your circle. And also you can filter emails by category like friends,relatives which in your circles.

You can share photos to plus through your Email:
Greatest images and cool photos are sharing to your email from others. Before if you like to share that images on google plus first you download and share the photos to plus. But now the way simple to share the photos. The new share buttons available to photos in gmail.

Auto update contact changes:
If some one in your contact list updates any changes in his profile it will automatically update in your contact list. But he has to google profile account.

These changes gmail users will get shortly Google apps users cannot get right now. But they working hard to add this features to Google Apps users also. 

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