Aakash tablet fully sold out but you can pre-book UBISLATE 7

The much awaited tabled called Aakash student version released this month. And also it is fully SOLD OUT with in the month. Peoples gives much more response for cheapest Aakash tablet. The student version Aakash tablet price is 2500 only. So before it is comming for sale pre-booked reached their limit target. That's why Aaksh tablet fully sold out with in this month.

If you go to this official Aakash website can see the message is Aakash table SOLD OUT. Even if Aakash tablet fully sold out, but you can pre-book next commercial version called UBISLATE 7. This next version will be for sale in Jan 2012. Configuration is also very good to compare student version Aakash table. Price is only Rs. 500/- higher than old version.

If you want to know the full details about UBISLATE7 and comparison table between Aakash and UBISLATE7 and PRE-BOOKING link  please read this previous article Upgraded version in Aakash Tablet -UBISLATE 7 [Pre-Booking]

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