How to use VLC media player without mouse

Vlc media player is a very popular software for viewing media files. It has many useful features. In this software some features are hidden so some body dont know that features. In this list hotkeys also include. we can use vlc media player software with out mouse using hotkeys. Today we will see how to use hot keys on vlc. Here below the list of hotkeys and key function using VLC media player.

Shorcut for Playing Mode
[CTRL] + [F]Open folder
[CTRL] + [D]Open disc menu
[CTRL] + [R] or [CTRL] + [S]Advanced open file
[CTRL] + [O]Open single file/files
[CTRL] + [Up Arrow] or [CTRL] + [Down Arrow]Increase/Decrease Volume
[F]Switch from/to Fullscreen
[M]Mute and Unmute Audio
[V]Show, Switch, or Hide Movie Subtitles
[Space Bar]Pause or Play the Movie
[P]Play the Movie (from the very beginning)
[S]Stop Playing the Movie
[SHIFT] +[Left Arrow] or [SHIFT] + [Right Arrow]Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 3 seconds
[ALT] + [Left Arrow] or [ALT] + [Right Arrow]Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 10 seconds
[CTRL] + [Left Arrow] or [CTRL] + [Right Arrow]Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 1 minute
[ESC]Exit the Fullscreen mode
[+] or [-]Play the movie faster or slower
[A]Change the aspect ratio
[B]Change Audio/Language track
[C]Crop screen
[G] or [H]Increase or Decrease subtitle delay
[J] or [K]Increase or Decrease audio delay
[Z]Change Zoom
[CTRL] + [1] or [CTRL] + [2] or [CTRL] + [3] or [CTRL] + [4]Change the zoom mode
[T]Show time
[CTRL] + [T]Go to time

Shortcuts to Playlists 
[CTRL] + [H]Hide/Unhide Controls
[CTRL] + [P]VLC Player Preferences
[CTRL] + [E]Adjust Audio/Video Effects
[CTRL] + [B]Edit Bookmarks
[CTRL] + [M]Open Messages
[CTRL] + [N]Open Network
[CTRL] + [C]Open the Capturing Device
[CTRL] + [L]Open Playlist
[CTRL] + [Y]Save Playlist
[CTRL] + [I] or [CTRL] + [J]Media Information
[ALT] + [A]Audio menu
[ALT] + [H]Help menu
[ALT] + [M]Media menu
[ALT] + [P]Playlist menu
[ALT] + [T]Tool menu
[ALT] + [V]Video menu
[ALT] + [L]Playback menu
[D]Show the Movie path
[N]Play Next Movie from Playlist
[F11]Switch Window to/from Fullscreen Mode
[ALT] + [F4]Quit VLC Media Player

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