How to create a group on facebook

Facebook is a very largest social site around the world. Even if Social network sites are increasing day by day on Internet but Facebook still no 1 rank. Facebook growth increase every day because it has more features. Games, Chat, Video share, Page and Group. Group is a very useful feature in facebook. You can create a group and discus anything in groups. In facebook you can create a group very simply. You can create a facebook group with in 2 minutes.

How to create a Group:
  • Click this link and a window will open like below. 
  • In that window click Create Group button.
  • After hit the Create Group button a Pop-up window will open
  • In that window give your group details

Group Name - Give your group name
Members - Add members of this group by typing his name

Open - If you select this option anyone can see your group and group posts.
Closed - If you select this option others can see the group and group members but can not see the post.
Secret - No one can see the group and posts without members.

From this choose according to your convenience and hit the Create button. That's all your group ready for you. you may use this group from now.

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