How to activate New Youtube Design Now

Youtube is a very famous video sharing site in the world. It is part of Google. Google often change the appearance of its Web sites. Blogger, Search, Gmail, Adsense and etc.. In the way youtube introduced new 3 column design to their website. The new design is looks very beautiful than old design. But it comes Developer version only. So in this post we how to get new youtube design now.

  • First go to the youtube website. 
  • Then open Developer tools option in your broser. (below shortcut keys to open the developer tools option in your browser)
Chrome:  Ctrl + Shift + J (windows) | Cmd + Alt + J (Mac)

Firefox:  Ctrl + Shift + K (windows) | Cmd + Alt + K (Mac)

  • After hitting shortcut key developer window will open select Console option and copy and paste below coding.
  • and hit Enter in your keybord now your window will be like below image
  • Then close this developer tools window and reload youtube.
Thats all you will get the new design of youtube.

If you have doubts about this post please drop your comments.

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