How to reduce photos size without losing image quality by online

One picture is equal to 1000 words so  are always using photos to our blog post to explain post content. We have some royalty photos which is above 5mb these picutres are take very time to load so our blog post loading time also increasing and if you have any limited bandwidth hosting your space also waste unnecessarily. So you have to reduce picture size with out losing quality, for this there is on online tool available called JPEGmini. JPEGmini is capable of reducing the file size of standard JPEG photos by up to 80% (5X), while the resulting photos are visually identical to the original photos. The JPEGmini algorithm imitates the perceptual qualities of the human visual system, ensuring that each photo is compressed to the maximum extent possible by removing redundancies, without creating any visual artifacts in the process.

Performance Table
JPEG Photo ResolutionTypical JPEGmini file size reduction
8 MP and higher70% - 80%
5 - 7 MP60 - 75%
3 MP50 - 60%
2 MP30 - 50%
1024x76825 - 35%
800x60020 - 25%
640x48010 - 20%

How To Use
  • Simply go to this JPEGmini site 
  • Click on the try it now button another windo will open after click Select photo button.
  • Upload your photo and wait some seconds thats all your photos are ready.
  • Finally hit the Download photo button to download your compressed photos.
Then publish your compressed photos to your blog and save your bandwidth and loading time.

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