How to activate New Facebook design Timeline Now

Facebook F8 conference held on yesterday and introduce new design to facebook which is very attractive and useful. But now this feature is only available for developers only not for all. So we have to activate new design manually. Facebook's new look is appearance of this new course has been developed to attract everyone. If you like to bring facebook new design please follow the steps which is given below.
  • To activate new design we have to developer option so first go to this link  and follow the below the images to under stand well.
  • Next click the Create new app button which is given top right side corner.
  • Next window will open it showing  App Display Name and  App namespace you fill this two column anything you want. But the namespace column your words will be available.
  • Next window will open to ask Security code fill correctly and click submit button and you will go to next level and click Open Graph link see below image to better understanding.
  • Next window will open and fill that columns for your words simply and click Get Started
  •  Next click the Save changes and Next button 

  • Finally your app is ready and your window will be like below the image 
  • Next you go to your profile page and timeline message waiting for you

  • Finally your facebook New Design changed

this facebook new design only shows to developer users others facebook showing old design. Please drop your comments If this post is useful.


  1. nice.. useful mater thank you for sharing with us friend...

  2. it didn't work for me?? does anyone have any advice?? :) Thank you!

  3. it didn't work for me?? does anyone have any advice?? :) Thank you!