Google updates +1 button for inline annotations to websites and blogs

Google introduce +1 button for websites and blogs. In this button google update hovering annotations feature recently. If you move on your cursor on +1 button list shows who supports to that post and google introduce one more feature is introduce by google to +1 button that is inline annotations. In that feature you can know your +1 supporters without move on your cursor. See below picture to see a inline annotations feature.

But now google gives this feature to only subscribed google+ platform preview group members only. So If you'd like to start testing the inline annotation right away, join the Google+ Platform Preview group and generate a new snippet on the +1 button configuration tool.

1) First go to this link Google + plotform preview and enter your email Id and joined to this site.

2) Now go to this link and open Google +1 button site.

3) After you select any size of button want to your site and click annotation column and select inline feature.

4) Select your language and size of annotations and finally the coding is ready for your site. Simply go to your edit mode of website and add the coding.

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