How to block some one in Google+ plus just a click

Google introduce new social network which is called Google plus. In short period google plus having 20 millions fans. Even though it has 20 millions fans still it is trail version because of users feedback, in google plus if you like to block some one in google plus it is very easy. just one click we can block some one in google plus. Here below the way how to block some one in Google plus just a click. If you block some one in google  plus he cant able to see your updates,he will remove in your circle even he cannot commenting on your posts also. But Still he can see your Public share posts always.

  • First you go to some one profile which is you will block. if you dont know that person probile name select your circles and find him.
  • If you go to in his profile page find the link showing in below picture 
  • Click block link showing above picture then next window will open finally click Block button thats all.

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