Google 2-step verification feature now available in 40 languages and 150 countries

Earlier this year google introduces new feature for safe our password called 2-step verification. This feature very very useful to users around the world for secure google password from hackers phishing scams. To activate this feature you have to register mobile number in 2-Step verification. If you try to login google account first you have to give your own password soonly you get a verification code for your register mobile number if you enter correctly in google can you login your account other wise can not login. So it saves users from hackers.

People huge responding this feature, hence google Expand this feature in 40 languages and 150 countries around the world. this is good news for google users around the world. Email and social networking still get more risks from hackers but google saves users by 2-Step verification feature.

If you spend two minutes to activate this feature your account will be safe. So do not hesitate this feature. See below video to this 2-step verification feature how is working.

Source - Google blog

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