How to connect Alexa Traffic Widget in your blog

By using website, we can know our rank details which stag our blog is being throughout world. Instead of getting into another website to know details, we can see it in our blog itself. To get that, no need to open separate account at all. To get alexa rank click the link here. One new window will open as shown below.
Type your blog name into the text box and click the Build Widget button which is near by it (if you not able to see the picture by clicking it, can able to view as big). New window opens as shown below after pressed the Build Widget button.
In this window, You can get 3 types of alexa traffic rank model. Copy the html coding which model you like.Go to your blog sidebar and paste the copied coding.
Go to DASSBOARD- LAYOUT- ADD A GADGET - HTML/ JAVA SCRIPT - and paste it. Finally save it. Now alexa traffic widget might have been come into yours website. you can able to know your blog ranking in your blog itself, stop getting into another website to know your ranking details.

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