Simplest way to send your gmail contacts to your friends mail

Nowadays, each and every one started to use computer. Those lists are getting increased day by day. In this, peoples are showing their interest on sharing their messages by mailing only due to fast communication facility. More persons are using gmail which was produced by google because they are updating new useful features day by day. In this gmail, How can we send our gmail contacts to our friends mail which we have in our account. Lets see about this below.

  • First, enter into your gmail account
  • Then click the link of contacts which is near by mail.
  • A new dialogue box opens with your contact list which you have in your account. In that dialogue box, select the contact list which contacts you want to send.
  • With the selection, click the more actions link and then click export.

  • Another new dialogue box opens, Click Export and then save the folder into your computer.

  • Then as usual mail the folder to your friends whomever you want.
  • Your friend can save the contacts list which CSV format you send. To that they have to click Contacts-More actions-import. By clicking import, automatically those contacts will be included into your friends contact list.

  • This is the simplest way to share yours contact list.

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